Hey there Sadness!

Dear Sad Me,

I know things are not going your way, and that it nags the hell out of you. But, Not always can you get what you really want. If you think that life is a bed of roses, then you have been in a delusion my friend. Yes, a big delusion. There is no fairy godmother, or a prince charming for whom you shall wait in a secluded tower of your thoughts.

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My heart was swinging to and fro with the waves of affection.
There was a rise and fall of my little yacht in the stormy ocean.
There was no escape and even if there was,
I didn’t want to exit the newly discovered world.
I could feel the sense of belonging as he leaned in and imprinted on my shoulder.
This one time in my life I knew it wasn’t just a spark but an explosion of emotions.
His hands embraced my neck and he moved forward to land small peck.
His hands moved towards my breasts as I moaned with a low voice in excitement.
He came slowly towards my lips and dissolved himself within me.
As my lips a part, I could realise the sudden jitters and rush in my body.
I was on fire, I realised.
His tongue slid inside my mouth and we reached the end together.
I knew there was more to this.
There was another stage even after the climax.

Judge Crime not Character!

“Oh my god, she removed her clothes.”
“This is what happens to a girl when she wants to have fun”
“She deserved it, westernization fucked her mind”
“Didn’t she think before sending it to her boyfriend?”
“What, he wasn’t her husband?”
“She must be a slut, who else send nudes to someone?”

*Stereotype, Preconceptions, Judgement, Prejudice*

At some point of our life we all must have done it. But do we have the right to exploit a human being, up to an extent that they fear the outer world? We can’t be so cruel. We are not the demons lingering on a pure soul for their life.

What if that happens to you, how would you feel? When those harsh words glide on your mind, like a worm itching you that you get the urge to let go.

The story I’ll be narrating is based on a real life incident or rather I say real life threat, where a pervert with a mask of anonymity threatens a girl on exposing her nudes to the world.


Let’s catch the culprit Source @feministaa.com

Now let me tell you It was her choice, and it’s her choice now. What’s done is done, instead of guesstimating her character, let’s focus on the culprit whose hiding somewhere from his crimes. Judge the crimes not the character. Continue reading “Judge Crime not Character!”

Sleeping Ugly.

It was a cold January night with a sky without stars, so dark and dingy like the shadows of advancing deaths. The roads were empty, parks without cheers and houses quite, quite like a falling leaf. Samara’s town looked so deserted past midnight, it was scary.

“Do you believe in ghosts?” Her brother asked, trying to frighten her. “No”, she said confidently. “Are you sure? You don’t seem to be”. She looked around herself, it was pitch-dark, she couldn’t even see his face. The fact was she was scared of being alone in dark. While their parents were gone out for a wedding, she came to sleep in her brother’s room. Continue reading “Sleeping Ugly.”