My heart was swinging to and fro with the waves of affection.
There was a rise and fall of my little yacht in the stormy ocean.
There was no escape and even if there was,
I didn’t want to exit the newly discovered world.
I could feel the sense of belonging as he leaned in and imprinted on my shoulder.
This one time in my life I knew it wasn’t just a spark but an explosion of emotions.
His hands embraced my neck and he moved forward to land small peck.
His hands moved towards my breasts as I moaned with a low voice in excitement.
He came slowly towards my lips and dissolved himself within me.
As my lips a part, I could realise the sudden jitters and rush in my body.
I was on fire, I realised.
His tongue slid inside my mouth and we reached the end together.
I knew there was more to this.
There was another stage even after the climax.


Perfect Kiss.

When you are with someone, all you want is their propinquity. Their love vibrating your flesh and bones, all you crave for is their warmth.

Walking on the road, holding hands I looked up at the sky. Why are winters so romantic? 
“Beautiful aren’t they?”,
Sivan asked looking up at the stars.
I smiled.
“You know what’s more beautiful?”
chaffing my hand he looked at me, “You!”.

Looking me in the eye, his face looked like a thriving ivory in the moonlight. His hair falling on his forehead, his reddened cheeks due to cold and his darker deep eyes inviting me to kiss him.
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