Skin Flick Epidemic

Skin Flicks

No one’s at home today,
this is my chance, hurray!
I’ll use the bed, be comfy and put the blanket overhead.
Not like the other times,
where the behind freezes over the tiles.
Pornhub, redtube, forhertube, youporn,
which one to see?
Asian, Chinese, big front?
No, this time big ass.
I stream the video and pull out my little brother;
which is going to be huge in sometime.
The noises and the moans makes me arise,
I close my eyes;
and imagine Miss Malik with a ruler;
and glasses with that sexy dress.

I was 13 and I was exposed to this sudden release then.
Pornography epidemic it was,
which gave me a burst of dopamine with no regrets.

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Do You Have The Will To Be More Than Full?

47, 48, 49, 50.
You can’t sleep, can’t you?
Tossing and turning in you bed,
You think about those times,
the one that went wrong,
where you shouldn’t have said what you said,
or you shouldn’t have done what you did.
You recall all the faces,
the one that looked you with scorn;
the one with the pity in their eyes;
and the one who think you are shy.
You think about that girl with soft hands, reaching for your shoulder,
the one with sweet voice who innocently asked you if you okay,
when she saw you sitting in a crowd crying.
You repent not looking at her innocent face, as you turned away.
You still have the guilt of the escape,
when you wiped your cheeks, stood up and left that space.

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I Hope It Haunts You Every Night Like It Haunted Me The Day You Left.

Closed room and dim lights;
I looked up at your sparkling eyes.
Your one hand reaching for mine;
and the other
slightly pulling back the fringes from my eyes.
Do you know
what I felt that time?
I felt
a sweet apprehension dipped
in the liquor of sublime;
like I am back to 16 and it’s the prom night;
and you are in a tuxedo and me dressed in Red;
so bright that you pulled me towards yourself and hold me by my waist and say,
“Are you ready Pretty Lady?” with a bright big smile.

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