How We First Met: Mathematics

There were they,
two individuals,
poles apart,
yet building a great friendship on same saved foundation.

Disclaimer: This post is purely fictional but is inspired by true friendship of real people in real life.

Let’s celebrate great friendships

It was the third night of the horrendous week of what we called exams, but in reality they were the culminating stressors, sucking every ounce of blood from their weak bodies.
Walking through the corridor, there Sivan was, forming a strategy in his mind, planning how he would divide the hours left in the night to complete his units. By then he attempted physics and chemistry but the next day he had to face his worst nightmare: Mathematics. Sivan never liked numbers, even in college he tried his best to get through the math class, but always failed to understand the quadratic equations and Eigen values. He was in that thought process when he saw a guy from his class, holding his mathematics book along with him.
Where are you going?“, Sivan asked him. It was past midnight and the library was closed, then where was he going, Sivan thought.
Roy is telling the important topics for tomorrow’s exam“, the guy went downstairs in a hurry.
“Important Topics?”
“Where?”, Sivan shouted from the corridor,
“102”, the diminishing voice replied.

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They would dissuade, they would proscribe.
but little do they know the fire won’t die
The flames may flicker, it may quiver for a while
But with every blow, it brightly shines.
Run away or run after, it’s your choice,
but the dreams would haunt, even with open eyes.

And the Forbidden dream continued…

From where should I start?
At this moment I should solve some test papers, Yeah! It’s 8 PM, set the clock and sit for 3 hours.
3 hours?
No way! I need a break.

Oh god! What Am I even doing, this is not my call.
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