Perfect Kiss.

When you are with someone, all you want is their propinquity. Their love vibrating your flesh and bones, all you crave for is their warmth.

Walking on the road, holding hands I looked up at the sky. Why are winters so romantic? 
“Beautiful aren’t they?”,
Sivan asked looking up at the stars.
I smiled.
“You know what’s more beautiful?”
chaffing my hand he looked at me, “You!”.

Looking me in the eye, his face looked like a thriving ivory in the moonlight. His hair falling on his forehead, his reddened cheeks due to cold and his darker deep eyes inviting me to kiss him.
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Hardest Choice.

Have we ever wondered, a mother’s silent cries?


Her struggles, fears, and worries for us? Do we have time to ponder over her selfless actions in our busy lives? Have we ever thought of the sacrifices she has done in order to make our life happier, joyous, and her dreams cut short to make our dreams come true?

To all the mothers, you are pure radiance, you are the sun we can touch and kiss and hold without getting burnt. You are the plant that never blooms but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers. Continue reading “Hardest Choice.”