Soul Searching..

I took a break, a long break, mostly soul searching;
in books and movies and web series, whatever I could find to get away from myself,
to indulge in stories, interesting stories, good stories, sad stories, obvious stories.
Now here I am, feeling satisfied, enough to know that I am not alone on this excursion to know myself.
There are hundreds out there.
So, this time, I bring the stories I have seen in the world of cinema, which are close to me, close enough to give a reflection of my inner self.
Every week, there would be poems depicting the stories. They won’t be movie reviews or critic but more than that.

Stay tuned for what’s about to come.


31 thoughts on “Soul Searching..

  1. Thank you for checking out my blog! I’m liking what I’ve read of yours so far. I do hope to have more time to explore your blog posts soon! Take care.

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  2. hey there, I am having some of the movies on my mind, but I guess I shouldn’t have started doing this whole movie review thing, I mean I don’t know, am I an apt person to give my opinion to films who are incredible or at least exist. o.O

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  3. V for Vendetta – ” start telling a lie enough times to make it truth “& “Opinions (Ideas) are bullet proof”. So, there will always be people who can’t see the movie with your perspective. The more you review about various films(good), the better you will understand about yourself. So GO ON..DO IT.


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