I Feel Sometimes..

I feel sometimes that my creativity is diminishing,
I see new people, with their talent,
their immerse engrossing talent,
and I am mesmerised,
but a little scared;
I think it’s my lowered self confidence,
or my tiny self esteem knocking me back in the stomach,
twisting my intestine, begging for my courage to show up.
I really don’t know what I am afraid off.
The people?
My friends?
My family?
Or my own self?
I feel sometimes that this insecurity is just in my head,
that this Wallflower will bloom not just in early springs,
but anytime,
vanishing my existence.


82 thoughts on “I Feel Sometimes..

  1. Priya, there is Robert Bly the poet, and there is Robert Bly the poetry critic. “American Poetry” is a collection of his columns when he was the poetry critic of the New Yorker Magazine. His columns are the most inspirational writings about poetry I’ve ever seen. The way he talks about poetry first fuels the heart and mind, then sets both on fire. If you want to read Robert Bly the poet, that’s cool, but Robert Bly the critic is the one who will get you back into writing poems.


  2. Yes. I’m sorry for your lose. I know how it feels to lose a close person. I lost my grandmother last year and it was devastating. I am trying to look with your point of view and I see fears. I am afraid too, but we both are sailing in the same boat ☺️ I wish you to continue flowing magic with words. 🙂

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  3. Yes, true. I figured out that my competition is not others, but I, myself. We have to get better than we were before. Learning more and getting better is what we shall call success.


  4. Oh, I see. I google about Robert Bly, the poet. When I shall continue the quest to conquest the inspiration. Talking about inspiration, have you heard about Simon Sinek?


  5. What a beautiful way to say it…I think the grief of loosing someone we love is awfully hard to deal with…yes but I also believe creativity, in art or words can heal the sore hearts..It soothes the ache and at the same time urges us to create. Sometimes I think to myself I wonder what my dad would think about this poem…It makes me strive for the best I can create…And I have to say some of the poems are o.k. and others hit the spot…it somehow melts the fears I have when I’m feeling sad. Do you know what I mean?

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  6. I know it’s hard to believe but I am about to graduate college 😃
    Well, aren’t we all lucky that we’ve got such a nice platform to express ourselves, where people support you instead of belittling you.


  7. Yes, indeed. Sometimes it’s hard to express ourselves with words. I remember I read this poetry by Pam Ayres, ” Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth” in highschool, there the Poet changed the spelling of ‘Amalgamation’ to ‘Amalgumation’ to emphasize on the teeth.
    It still strikes me every time I use a word I am not supposed to use. The whole point is of expressions, nothing else.

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  8. Yes, this is the best place on social media! No, it’s not at all hard to believe you are graduating, given your gift for expression. Congratulations! Sorry if what I said before offended you. It’s a reflection of my age, not yours.

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