How We First Met: Law of Attraction

They say opposites attract,
but they were so similar,
parted only by an A in the name,
mingled with same birthday,
Their old school love was the charm,
where everyone sought relationship advice from them,
and they were not at all alarmed.
it’s not like they never fought,
just that,
the understanding and respect was huge,

Here’s to their 3 long years and more in counting.

“Roll no. 71 and 72”, Dr. Paige called out the roll numbers to form the lab partners. With the pattern going, I was about to partner with Roy, the most unlikable person of our batch. I wanted to curse my name. Why did my name started with an S, why?
Being a hardworking student, I never liked people who did little to be present in that class. The people striving to be more than they are, attracted me the most. Alas! I hardly knew anyone, how come I could have come across a person like that.
It was freshman year and I only knew my roommate by then and interacted with good for nothing Roy who was my chemistry partner.
“Roll no. 91 and Roll No. 92”, he called out my roll number along with Roy’s, as expected.

Either the stars were aligned, or my luck was in, Roy didn’t come to the class that day.
“Roll No. 93”, the professor called out some other guy’s name who I once saw in my mathematics class.

A lean, tall guy, wearing spectacles came over at my bench and stood there. He was wearing a red and blue check shirt and blue denims. His skin was mocha coloured without any blemishes or acne unlike mine.
“Hi, Sivan”, he put forth his hand,
“Samara”, I shook hands with him and we began listening to the introduction to the experiment on ‘Solar cell‘ that we were going to perform.

“So that’s how I met Sivan”, Samara told me while we walked out of the hostel. Sivan was standing outside the girl’s hostel waiting for us. He waved at me and held Samara in her arms.
“So long you take to have dinner!”, Sivan kissed her on the forehead as she melted in his arms.
“I was just telling Myra, how we first met”
“Did you tell her about that party where you got drunk and totally swept over me”, he flashed a smirk to Samara and put his arm over her shoulder.
“What!”, I exclaimed in surprise. I could see Samara’s face turning red.
“Yeah, so I was invited to this party and Sivan was also there. And I was totally drunk, and..”, she stopped in between.
the whole time she was falling, leaning over me and blabbering about how desperately she wanted to kiss me..” Sivan tried to complete her sentence where Samara cut him in between.
Yeah, what else could I ask for, you were looking so charming“, she closed her eyes and pursed her lips.
I burst into laughter, they were so adorable.
“Then did you guys kiss?”, I asked Sivan, giving my ear like a 5 year old when a bed time story is recited.
Definitely not, a gentleman never takes advantage of a drunk girl”, his chest swelled.
“But we did go on our first date the next day”, he smiled at her.
Samara held Sivan as we walked further on the road.

Looking at Samara and Sivan made me believe in love again. That night, I learned a deep lesson,
“It is very easy to fall in love, but difficult to stay in love. Persistent efforts and little things make the difference.”

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