You Deserve Better!

All you need is positivity to smile

You are alone in a crowded place,
you see your friends in a corner drinking cheap beer and laughing,
you want to go there,
but you don’t want to go there.
You are tired of their shabby comments on your looks,
tired of their opinion of what you seem to do in life.
It feels like they are crossing the boundaries,
taking control of things that belong to your persona.
Hey Samara, over here“,
you are too late, they call you over to share their drinks.
Alas! how do you tell,
you don’t like the taste of that cheap beer,
and you hate their mean comments.

You like your space in library, in the corner,
reading those books which take you to places,
from UK to US, from snowy winters to sunny summers.
You want to stay there, but you don’t.
You trap yourself in worldly possessions;
among people who you don’t even like.
Why do you do that to yourself?
Why do you let others dominate you;
with their overly inflated ego and fragile sense of self.
You deserve better friends.
Can’t you see, they are taking advantage of your sweet innocence.
Stop letting them exploit your loyalty like that.
Start saying no, set your boundaries.
They don’t deserve you.
You are too good to be true for them.


18 thoughts on “You Deserve Better!

  1. It’s a strong and quite an important message. Listen to yourself before you listen to others. It won’t make you selfish. It means you live & love “The I” in you.

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