How We First Met: YOLO 21

Nothing much is required to have long lasting bonds, just trust, respect and friendship.

You Only Live Once

Hello! Can you please click a picture of us“, I handed my camera to the stranger who was passing by. She gave me a nod and waited for us to give a pose.
We stood together, one hand on our waists and other gesturing the V sign. Smiling like idiots, trying not to laugh, we stood still waiting for us to be clicked.
Thank You“, I came forward to get the camera back.
Happy Now!“, Myra exclaimed as we walked to the front of YOLO 21, a famous cafe in the city of hearts, Delhi.

Every year we went to that place to relieve our stress and anxiety before exams. It was our pamper party to fill our bellies the one last time before we were summoned under the burden of books to get ourselves tortured like the pig for slaughter in the slaughterhouse.

Tell me how many picture do the three of us have together?“, I narrowed my eyes.
I don’t know, a few maybe”, Reeya pulled a chair opposite to where I sat.
3 years and a few, do you see that?” I was making a big deal out of it. Why should I have not made it a big deal? We knew each other for three long years and hardly got clicked together.
We don’t need pictures, we have memories, tons of them“, well Myra was telling the truth, in the past three years of college we have had our share of fun.
And we are gonna make more memories in the last semester as well“, Reeya put forth a wide smile at the thought of being bad ass in the last semester, by which she meant attending least number of classes, going to the trip to mountain and getting drunk on every college occasion.

The waiter interrupted us as he handed the menu. We looked at the menu and then ordered our very special White Sauce Pasta, and Crust Veggie Pizza, Cheesy Nachos, Chocolate Milkshake Jars and our favorite Banofee Pie.

That’s a far fetched thing, first let’s just stick to these horrible nightmares“, Myra squeezed her eyes shut.
Hey! We are not here to talk about crap“, I gave her a look.

We are here to spend our freedom one last time“, I could feel the creases in the skin of my eyes as I aimed for a big open lipped smile.
The waiter brought our milkshakes.

To three long years of friendship“, we raised a toast and chinked our milkshake jars.

3 years ago, we laughed at the same table, giving the same order, before the same horrible exams. Who knew, three girls from different backgrounds, with different opinions would bond and come to the same place as a ritual to commemorate the first time they met.

Myra, Reeya and Samara were three girls who knew each other since day one of college. Even after coming from different background and mindset, their bond was strong, all thanks to the trust and respect and care they build for each other in past three years.


15 thoughts on “How We First Met: YOLO 21

  1. Also, your website title is one of the best descriptions of life; complexat one moment, then filled with moments of positive excitement the next. 😍😍😍

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  2. You write with a nice style with admirable vocabulary to tug at the heartstrings of people. I find it though difficult to navigate the blog to find the beginning of a story and read through it all. So now I just randomly read any of your posts and enjoy the episodic content. I can’t find the like button either. You rock and be kind enough to give me a copy when you do publish a novel.

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  3. The illustrations on top, are they by you? I’ve asked this question elsewhere too. The dishes ordered are way above my understanding and league you metropolitan. Don’t forget about the illustrations.

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