How We First Met: Work Friends

It’s strange how people bond. Either you feel the vibes in a snap of a finger or it may take ages to build the bond.

Sun was shining bright and the wind was moist. It was rainy season, that time when it was supposed to rain cats and dogs. Contrarily, the sun was out giving me a harsh tan. But none of that really mattered.
First, the roller coaster, then the free fall, and then this ride which took us back in the time of dinosaurs, I was having the time of my life in the wonderland.

Maybe we should sit for a while“, Sivan started panting over the bench.
We have so much to cover, we can’t sit now“, I pulled him to stand, but miserably failed.
Easy“, he patted the space beside him
Sit for a while and relax. We don’t usually get away from office like this“, he had a point, I have been an intern for more than 3 months and I haven’t taken an off from work even when it was my day off. I was worn out and I needed some time to relax.

Sivan and I became really good friends within a few months. Maybe it was because our foundations were same. He and I both came from that typical Indian family where our future was decided even before we were born. It didn’t take much time for us to bond. Our hobbies were same, we both loved to play in the arcade section, were workaholics, had old school beliefs and most importantly we shared same level of sense of humour.

We both worked for the same company, just that I was an intern and he was an employee, newly recruited.

I was sipping from my juice can when I noticed Sivan smiling, “What are you smiling at?”
Nothing, was thinking about the first time we met.” he looked at me and told me how he first saw me in the office trying my best to figure out how the photocopy machine worked.
Hey! I never used that machine before“, I pouted my face with anger.
Who doesn’t know how to take a copy from the machine?“, he gave me a look.

And who gets tired so early?”, I stood up from the bench, like a child blabbering anything just to win the argument.
But Sivan never minded, he and I shared a bond where we both cared for each other less than lovers and more than friends, where we knew what eased us, what was difficult and what made us go mad.
Move your lazy butt, Mr India is waiting for us“, I pointed out at the next ride in our vision.
I ran towards the ride, calling him a loser.

Who knew, work friends could also turn out to be such important element of life

10 thoughts on “How We First Met: Work Friends

  1. There is just something about your writing that keeps me reading it. I recently found old tv programs on Amazon prime, one being the Twilight Zone. Short stories packing a deeper meaning. Your stories made me think of them. Your writing style alone makes me keep reading your stories, but the real jewel is there is meaning in them keeping me thinking.

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