How We First Met: Mom and I

It took sometime,
about 8 hours of long labour;
and 2 hours of consistent pushing.
But I finally came out crying.

I don’t remember anything of that time,
but while going through my childhood pictures,
she told me the story of how we first met.

I was 2 kg, timid little girl with pink flesh and tiny hands
held in her arms with her soft eyes gleaming at me.
She couldn’t stop smiling,
I love you my baby girl, forever and always“, that’s what she told me.
Tears rolled down her cheeks as we both sat down looking at the images,
I knew she would take a bullet for me, and I would do the same for her.

To all the mothers, whose selfless love is beyond this universe,
who scold but care,
who slap but spare,
thank you for teaching me the meaning of life,
being there for me,
waking up till 2 AM, making me coffee during my exams.

You are our Superwomen, and we adore you for your sacrifices and unconditional love.

PS: I am dying to listen to your stories with your loved ones. Please share your special memory with your mother in the comments below.

40 thoughts on “How We First Met: Mom and I

  1. Ok dear girl, I am writing a blogpost quoting your series of “How we first met” since I have a very long piece so instead of posting in the comments here I dedicated a blog post to it quoting your series, hope that’s ok. I wish I knew how to link it to your post but hell! I’m not that tech savvy 😦

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  2. I like your poem!

    Well I was dying in the womb, being extremely premature, when they told my mother it would be better for her health to abort me, my mother said no. They then said only way to save me was cesarean or c-section ( cut through the abdomen to get baby out) without anesthesia. Some medical person in the operating room fainted. After intensive care, which lasted a long time, I went home. Even at home it took a long time for my health to improve. So my mother endured a lot for me.

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  3. Hey Priya, sorry got bogged down by work today and the post needed some tweaking so had removed it last night but I finally could repost it, as promised.

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  4. Thank you so much for sharing such a motivation and emotional post. I could feel what the writer was going through, and now I am speechless. It indeed is difficult for struggling writers to get recognition or atleast somebody to view our writing. Really appreciate the words from the mouth of the wolf. 🙂


  5. @Priya: Saying that to me is not very helpful! Better thank the author of the post on his page!

    Also, a general point. You are quite trusting — you have put your name and photo, with much personal comments, online. I suspect, there would be times when you’d doubt the wisdom of that. But, remain that way! (I blogged regularly from 2005-2008. Then, my blog was essentially non-anonymous. Now, many blog readers know me personally, but I don’t want www searchers to reach my blog.)

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  6. Well, I have just started, and I am exploring this area of my interest. Thank you for your advice, right now I am getting positive criticism, but I’ll considering all the preventive measures. Thank you 🙂


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