“How We First Met” Series

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Let’s reminisce the time when you first met the one

She was lying down on the grass,
looking at the sky with passing clouds.
She looked at one which looked like the tears from a mother’s eye,
the one of happiness which she shed when her baby first time cried.
Then, next looked like a guy with mustache;
like a Tamil superstar with two guns and cowboy hat.
Next were like her friends, the one who were short and big nerd specs.
And in line were the couples,
hand in hand, eyes locking with eyes,
staring at the naked souls with deep love that cannot be defined.
She drifted to sleep in the cozy cold air,
when she dreamed of the people who taught her love,
compassion and empathy.

This February, let’s celebrate friendship, love and happiness.
I’ll be sharing stories of individuals and the unique way of destiny playing its role in their first meeting.
PS: Don’t forget to tell me about how you first met the one who means the most to you.
Mom and I
Work Friends
Man and Wife
Love At First Sight


22 thoughts on ““How We First Met” Series

  1. love this post!
    to answer your P.S. I met mine thanks to a retweet by a favorite comedian of mine. He retweeted her, i responded blindly (meaning that i didn’t look at her profile pic, profile, nothing) welcoming her to the podcast group of listeners and we connected from there.

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  2. Yes, indeed! 😊🌷💜
    You are very welcome!
    I am so very proud of you! It is so amazing!
    I have shared that story publicly, not using name or media source and even here.
    I am going to share again on WordPress, if that’s ok, when I get back. 😊
    It has touched so many. Even on my Twitter when responding privately.


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  3. right?! I found one previously as well, same type of happy accident, but that one didn’t end well at all. I’m hoping for a better result here. Fingers crossed!

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  4. I also met mine online, through a traditional dating site. But, I concede it’s definitely easier in a big city (which we were in at the time) and if you’re just willing to be really open to looking at people who might not fit all of your “criteria” exactly.

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  5. Which is also a great thing, instead of searching the best the one, you are working on yourself.
    You can never judge destiny, it is a pretty little thing which can everything into place.
    All the best.

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  6. “…how you first met the one who means the most to you…”

    I didn’t… I haven’t… I never did… (she protests)

    in each new moment the ‘most’ changes; with mood, with weather, with time of day and shade of light, with temperature, with hungry or full, with sad or happy, with a picture suddenly presented or found; moments, we are made up of them, each moment a dropped stone, each with its outward ripples, each ripple crossing a new ripple and jarring with it, each stone dropped father upstream until the bulk of the ripples are all downstream; the one who means the most is the one I haven’t met yet (she protests) and she shall be young, wrapped in a blanket, beside a beach bonfire, looking dreamily out to sea even though it’s night and she can’t see anything; I’ll write poems to her (she declares), on her back in lick and cast sand; I’ll fall asleep against her, wake in the morning alone, finding she has walked off, leaving me with ash and dawn – she will have joined the downstream ripples, the stones resting on the bed, and I will have reached for the hand of that monster, loss (she protests)

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  7. Reblogged this on The Perils of Improbable Potholes and commented:
    We were looking for each other, but she found me.

    I can be “obtuse” in a very Shawshank Redemption way. In fact, rather late in life, I have come to the conclusion that I must be am Aspie.


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