The Dreaded Desires: Detox

Who says bad episodes shall never be experienced ?
I say, live the bad experiences, for one shall know the importance of life, love and friendship. Remember the sun rises and the morning comes only after the dark night ends.

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Confrontation

The place was warm and sweaty, people were running all together in same pace over the moving belts and big machines, some were lifting weights, others were doing sets of 5 and 10, pulling, pushing, sweating the pain and stress out of their bodies, to keep their minds focused and relieved.
Myra was stretching at the corner, when Shrey came with a shaker in his hand, “Here, have this“, Shrey handed her the protein drink he had in his hand.
Myra took two sips from the shaker and went to the treadmill for her 10 minutes run.
It was long 3 weeks of self love and inner motivation that made both Myra and Shrey leave their dreaded desires: for Shrey his addiction of pot and for Myra her addiction of Roy.
They both forgave themselves for the loss they did to their bodies and minds. But how did this happen?

It was that night when Myra was crying herself to bed when she texted Roy, telling him how sorry she feels for him,

Dear Roy,
By now you have known that my visits to your place have come to an end. You are a really nice person and an amazing artist, but I must tell you this, you are not a good lover. I am not either. I have come to this realisation that I cannot love someone if I don’t love my own self, you know you cannot fill the glass with an empty bottle, just like that. And yes, I am bad at giving analogies, but I hope you got my point.
I cannot talk to you, neither can I meet you, you are toxic to me. and FYI, you are toxic to your own self. You need to figure out things, okay?
The time we spend together was the best time I had, though I felt the worst then, but I am happy that it happened, ’cause if it didn’t I would not have become the person who I am today.
I wish you all the luck and happiness in your life.
I am gonna miss you Roy, like real bad.

Next day, Myra told Shrey the story of how Myra used to go to Roy’s and how she ended up getting stuck with alcohol, cigarettes and joints.
Then and there, Shrey drowned in the immense guilt of ruining Myra’s life, after all he was the one who introduced her to the world of drugs and delusion. That’s when he decided, he didn’t want to end up feeling sorry and making people’s life miserable because of him, so he quit.

Myra panted as she stepped out of the treadmill, she looked at Shrey who just finished doing his crunches,
“Let’s go”, she zipped her jacket and they both stepped out of the Gym together.

The End

6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Desires: Detox

  1. This was my life’s first short novel, which I completed in one go. Thanks for such an wonderful art. It gave alot of confidence to me. Really thanks alot.


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