The Dreaded Desires: Confrontation

In Continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Lewd Ends

Myra rushed to her dorm room and closed the door abruptly. She stood in front of the mirror and gazed at the reflection which was so horrified that she could not recognize her own self. Dark lipstick, big eyelashes, smudged eyeliner and smeared mascara, she was looking horrible.

She stared at the mirror for more than a moment and started talking to herself. “What have I done to Myself. This is not me. I look like a whore dabbed in powder and color, who has lost her name, her identity.” she took out Shrey’s handkerchief, looked at it and used it to wipe the black tears off her face.

I don’t understand, he is my best friend and I have been so busy that I totally forgot about him. and that too for a guy who I met online. Yes, Roy is everything I want, but he is not everything that I need. He is using me, why can’t I get this inside my head. I need to get my shit together.” she knew for a very long time that Roy was toxic for him, she had been contemplating, but didn’t have the courage to accept it. But when in class, she had a glimpse of her old life, she found a void in her new self.
“And this is not who I am”, her face toughened when she wiped all the make up from her face, took out her lip balm, fixed her hair and left the room.

“Hey”, Shrey met her in the hall while going to the next class,
“I know things are not okay with and it’s fine if you don’t want to tell, but you know I’ll be there for you”, he put a faint smile on his face making his crooked teeth visible to her.
She hugged Shrey, deeply, as if she wanted it for so long.
An amalgamation of his strong perfume and weed strongly hit her nose. Yet she stayed there.
She pulled her back and smiled, “I know. and I love you for that.
They both went to class, when her phone buzzed, she pulled out her phone to see Roy’s miss calls and a text message asking her to come over.

In no time, she deleted his number.

To Be Continued..


11 thoughts on “The Dreaded Desires: Confrontation

  1. Shrey was just a side hero, like a friend is there when you go through tough times. Shrey helped her go through the pain but the real hero all the time was Myra. She was the one who struggled through the pain and unhappiness. There are alot of people in real life just like Myra who go lost after they are left in cold, but then they come back, warm and happy ’cause they realise how important is self love.

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