The Dreaded Desires: Lewd Ends

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Desperation
It was a month to that date when Roy asked Myra to be in a no strings attached relationship, or it maybe called a non-relationship. Because it was never a bond, just sensuality occurring.

Initially Myra thought that Roy was cracking a joke, that it was just a role play thing.
Alas! She was naive and didn’t really know what was she entering into when she said yes to Roy in desperation.
The hurt began when the trails of unpicked calls and lonely texts started again. It heightened when Roy only summoned her for a steamy session of making love. She always wanted to know the mystery behind Roy, but he never let her. They never talked but his touch spoke loud, which made her crave him even more.
But the hurt was so high that she wanted to leave him, but she couldn’t. His touch made her go wild, even at night when she drifted to sleep, she dreamed about she and him under the sheets.
There used to be times when all Myra thought about was Roy, his bare chest, his tan skin, his six abs. She could not control her heightened emotions. She used to wait late night for his texts, many times he didn’t reply but when he did, all he asked was for her lewd images. Usually she showed off the gap between her breasts.
After a time she became extremely obsessive with Roy that she started losing her identity, her goals, her aspirations. All she wanted was to please Roy, that was her main agenda then.

It was Monday morning, Myra was finally attending a class after two long weeks. By then she stopped talking to Shrey, she became desolated and started putting wild make up on face.
The HR shall know what the employee is thinking. His emotional well being, his needs are his prime.“, Professor Kashyap, was giving a lecture on Emotional Intelligence in class where Myra was paying no attention.
Shrey was sitting behind her, seeing her scribbling something in her Notebook.
The HR and the employee are like partners, a partner can never be happy if the other is sad“, Myra stopped scribbling when she heard him.
‘A partner can never be happy if the other is sad.’, these words echoed in her head like the long lost lullaby her mother used to recite before bed when she was 5.

When the lecture got over, Shrey went at the third row to see wet pages and spilled ink on the paper.
Are you okay?“, he gave her his white clean handkerchief.
Just as she looked into his eyes, she broke down.
I’m sorry“, she downcast her eyes, closed the notebook, stood up and left the classroom.

To Be Continued..


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