The Dreaded Desires: Desperation

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Crashing At His Place

Next morning Myra had a bad hangover. Her hair were frizzy and she was trying hard to get her out of the bed. Roy came to her and handed her a glass of water along with an aspirin. Looking at his bare chest she forgot her migraine for a while and stood up on the bed to give him a quick kiss for his sweet gesture.
As soon as she came to his face, he turned towards the cupboard of his room.
You have 30 mins to get ready. Here, take this. I need to go to work so you need to hurry up” he tossed her clothes over to her. His rude tone reminded Myra of her physics professor she never used to like.
“Can we not just stay a bit longer, it is so cozy here”, she stood from the bed as she slid her T-shirt over her head and started walking in the direction of Roy.
“Last night was the best night of my life”, she hugged him from the behind such that her breasts were smashed to his bare chest.

There was muck on Roy’s face. He never wanted this to happen again.
Roy turned towards her and held her both shoulders, “Look, it was a mistake. I am not interested in you like that”, he looked at her with his mocha eyes stuck to her face.

“What do you mean?”, lines were forming over her forehead.
“You seem to be very emotional, and I don’t do emotional. I don’t think so it will work out.”
“But.. yesterday..”, her face flushed as tears filled her eyes.
“Yesterday was nothing.”
“What are you saying? Is this some kind of a joke?”, she was furious.
“Look, I don’t believe in these things. This love crap, I don’t do it.”, he was playing cool, as if nothing happened yesterday, that they didn’t unite their bodies and made love together.
Myra was baffled and couldn’t figure out what was happening.
“What do you believe in?”, she asked with hope sticking to her head.
“I would do anything you would tell me to, just don’t leave me please”
, she burst into tears.
“Okay then, we may continue what we are doing right now but without any expectations. You shall make no calls or text me. You expect no commitment from my side. You will be doing whatever I tell you to do without any hesitation”
, his voice was as stern as a rock.
“Yes”, she said with a tainted smile on her face.
“Then why are you standing there?”, he pulled Myra towards and parted her lips to stick his tongue inside her mouth.
He knew what he was doing was wrong but he could not help himself. She gave her consent and he was horny enough to not to think about his course of actions.
On the other hand, Myra was happy that Roy didn’t reject her this time, she knew she didn’t have all but at least she had something.
That’s how their dreaded relationship began with desperation of acceptance, love and lust.

To be continued..


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