The Dreaded Desires: Crashing at His Place

In Continuation of The Dreaded Desires: The Geek and The Stoner

“I cannot be with you anymore, I love someone else”, that’s how she crushed Roy.
He was on the Sofa sitting with a photograph of him with a girl smiling as if he owned the stars. He remembered that day, when he brought her favourite flowers: blue orchids, and a box of chocolates to tell her how much he loved her for the first time. He clutched the photo tightly, reminisced her each and every detail, her curls, her eyes, the way she shied away whenever he came close. Then he started to think about Myra and how similar she was with the girl in the picture.
Same innocent smile, the way she held him, the way she looked him in the eye, with desperation to get away from something, just like him. He felt like she was his alter ego trying to find the meaning she was left with.
It was 2 weeks that he didn’t call her, even after when he told her he would. His paranoia didn’t allow him to, telling him that it would never be possible, because he was not capable of loving anyone anymore. All he wanted was to get away from the hurt. He never wanted to be vulnerable enough to feel the hurt again. And to get away he had to get intimate with someone.

But somehow his conscience ordered him to delete his account from that dating app because having sex with a person who is not Myra, made him mad at himself.
So he had no option but to frustrate himself more and more.

Myra had been calling him ever since they made love for the first time. She was great, he wanted to devour her body, kiss her, while he pressed her huge breasts and wanted to smack that perfect pear shaped ass.
But he has been avoiding her, because he knew she deserved better, that he is not the one for her, that he cannot taint a pure soul like her, so all he did was ignore her.

“Up for a smoke?”, He saw Myra typing on the messenger. Just like always he wanted to ignore her text this time but he couldn’t after he read this, “I am coming over okay. I need an explanation. Also I am high. HAHAHA!”

After 10 mins, his door bell rung, and he opened the door to find Myra outside. She was carrying a bottle of Old Monk in one hand, and a packet of cigarette in another.
“Why are you ignoring me for so long?” a gust of rum and cigarette overwhelmed his nose.
“What have you done to yourself?”, he pulled her inside and saw her smeared mascara and drunk smile on her face.
“Why are you ignoring me Roy”, she dropped herself over Roy’s chest as he carried her in with her rum bottle in her hand.
“You should sit down first”, Roy was going to fetch a glass of water for her, when she took the collar of his shirt in her hands and asked with mixed emotions of anger and sadness.
“Why are you fucking ignoring me?”
“I want you to be safe, I am a very dangerous person. You don’t know me. I am not good for you, you deserve better”, he said looking at her mess.
“Who said? You are an amazing person, with mocha eyes which speaks so much, and your touch that makes me grow crazy, even thoughts of your touch makes me wet.”
Myra and Roy were sitting on the sofa where she hugged him tight to smell his sweet perfume he was wearing.
And in no time they broke into a kiss.

To Be Continued..

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