The Dreaded Desires: The Geek and The Stoner

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Ignorance
It was the freshman year, when Shrey first saw Myra, a timid girl with round rimmed glasses, a Batman crop-top, blue jeans and open hair.
She was scribbling in her notebook, paying attention to the Raman Effect in the first bench. She was the typical geek who unintentionally attracted attention. Even her long hair could not hide her assets from the hungry eyes of the typical boyish population.
On the other hand Shrey was a small town boy with dilapidated dreams in his eyes, his sabotaged aspirations were the sole reason for the initiation of his first smoke, his first drink and his first friendship.
Myra and Shrey were best friends, nobody knew how but they were the creators of bewilderment. People usually catcalled them as the geek and the stoner.

He is an idiot. Forget about him, you will get better bastards“, he took a drag from the thin paper roll and released smoke rings from his mouth.
Probably“, she snatched the joint from his hand and put it over her mouth. Within no second, smoke started to come out of her mouth as she coughed hardly.
Her nose was bursting and her lungs were hurting just like her heart did. But unlike her heart, she could feel the consequences of this little stunt.
Easy! Don’t you already know this is not meant for you“, he rubbed her back to sooth her breath.

He told me I was the most beautiful thing he saw that day, he promised me that we will meet again. And I was so stupid that I believed him. First, Ruhaan and now Roy. Why does this keep on happening with me. I don’t want to feel like this, like a piece of trash who anyone can use anytime. I want to get away from this hurt, this feeling of rejection“, she burst out crying and curled up in his arms.
Shrey knew that feeling of being rejected, and he had a solution to run away and hide somewhere from that feeling. His ultimate solution which helped him cope up with his dark secrets.

Help me! I don’t want to think about him.” she kept on crying and crying.
The next thing Shrey said changed Myra’s life forever.
Part your lips and suck the smoke in as the roll lits up“, she looked at him and took the joint in her hand.
Shrey knew he was introducing Myra to a whole new world, a hell disguised like heaven. But at that moment, looking at her mess, he only wanted one thing: save his best friend.
She followed his instruction, and made several attempts for her first smoke up.
Firstly it stung in her lungs, then her voice squeaked, then her eyes turned red and finally a big smile flashed on her face.
How do you feel?“, he finally asked.
“Alive Again”

To Be Continued..

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