The Dreaded Desires: The Geek and The Stoner

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Ignorance
It was the freshman year, when Shrey first saw Myra, a timid girl with round rimmed glasses, a Batman crop-top, blue jeans and open hair.
She was scribbling in her notebook, paying attention to the Raman Effect in the first bench. She was the typical geek who unintentionally attracted attention. Even her long hair could not hide her assets from the hungry eyes of the typical boyish population.
On the other hand Shrey was a small town boy with dilapidated dreams in his eyes, his sabotaged aspirations were the sole reason for the initiation of his first smoke, his first drink and his first friendship.
Myra and Shrey were best friends, nobody knew how but they were the creators of bewilderment. People usually catcalled them as the geek and the stoner.

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