Skin Flick Epidemic

Skin Flicks

No one’s at home today,
this is my chance, hurray!
I’ll use the bed, be comfy and put the blanket overhead.
Not like the other times,
where the behind freezes over the tiles.
Pornhub, redtube, forhertube, youporn,
which one to see?
Asian, Chinese, big front?
No, this time big ass.
I stream the video and pull out my little brother;
which is going to be huge in sometime.
The noises and the moans makes me arise,
I close my eyes;
and imagine Miss Malik with a ruler;
and glasses with that sexy dress.

I was 13 and I was exposed to this sudden release then.
Pornography epidemic it was,
which gave me a burst of dopamine with no regrets.

Now, I am 17 and I have a girlfriend,
she is not ready, and I respect that.
But I have needs, remember?
My little brother cannot be neglected like that.
So, like always I have the frozen tiles and my imagination in hand.

Now I am 21, working off my ass,
My only stress buster is my all time love: XXX
But I meet this wonderful person;
and she is ready for what they call, tennis?
So we rent a room after a fancy dinner;
and she stands in front, with no dress.
But it’s so boring, I need excitement to stand.
I think harsh, desperately hard.
But I fail to collect.
My brain is rewired,
with a lifelong change and no hopes and desires.
Yet, we try with what they call semi-hard,
One, two, three, ten seconds it doesn’t last.

Disappointment and shame covered my face, when the doctor called me,
“Erectile Dysfunction” to say.
Then and there I knew,
it was that change,
from twice a week to twice a day,
an hour session to seconds of relay.

It’s a hard thing to state,
but I must admit,
I was a victim of this addiction, now I hate.


8 thoughts on “Skin Flick Epidemic

  1. Thank you. I am just trying to figure out a way to help people get through their tough times. I feel like talking about it, that too where people can relate would help. Though while writing this piece, all I thought was, “should I post this?” which eventually I did. πŸ™‚


  2. This is great! People rarely open up and talk about these topics and to see you write about it is really good to see. It could be quite helpful to people.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much. I know these things are hard to talk about. But I wanted to stick to my agenda, thus I did. Numerous times it happens that people suffer but don’t really know their suffering. I’m glad I am contributing a bit. Really appreciate your words. This keeps me motivated. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. In a world full of prudes where porn is also a billion dollar business, there’s maybe millions with you in solidarity. Porn is always there, always different, and nobody knows how to turn you on like yourself. Its disease free and you wont get pregnant. Its not all bad.


  5. Nothing is bad upto an extent, but even sweetness poisons when it’s extrapolated. Porn is not bad, but excessive porn is.
    I’m not against it, but just trying my level best to tell people how too much of it can harm them.


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