Stop Lying..

It all started when I forgot to do my homework.
It was 7 in the morning,
the school bus was about to pick me up.
Mom was trying to wake me up,
and I was in my bed afraid of not doing my homework.
So like every paranoid child at the age of seven I played sick,
that was the first time I lied.

And series continued;
when I lied to my dad asking for money for the books,
when in reality it was for the booze I took,
then lying to my friend about how rich I was,
where I only had few bucks of pocket money to toss.
And I know I crossed the limits when I started to lie to myself,
deluding to be living in a world where I had no bills or payments to give,
telling myself it’s okay to lie;
not face reality ’cause life’s been rough,
why make it harsher with thoughts so dry.

So I lied and lied one after the other and I never stopped.
I wish I had stopped,
’cause with each lie I spoke,
I pushed my favorite people apart.

24 thoughts on “Stop Lying..

  1. Well, it’s not my story but many can relate to it. This blog is purely fictional but that doesn’t mean it can’t be someone’s reality as per today. Thank you for reading. Your views means alot.

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  2. Lying is a slippery slope. Once I catch someone in a lie I can never believe them fully again. Maybe they are telling the truth but then maybe they are lying. But once you start lying it is too easy to continue the habit until you yourself are unsure what the truth is.

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