The Dreaded Desires: Ignorance

First the talks happen,
then the touch;
Alas! this period never lasts long,
’cause then the ignorance starts.

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Pleasure
It was one week that Myra did not hear from him, she had called Roy many times yet all she heard was the bell ringing and ringing. Roy had not picked his phone, or replied to any of her text messages. Monday had gone with the release of Roy’s much awaited launch. The song hit 2 million views and comments rushed through like the girls rushing in the mall when there is 60% sale.
Myra looked at the screen and saw Roy dancing with a bunch of girls. Anger was fuming inside her as a girl with blond hair touched his chest and biceps. Thoughts of that night they spent together flashed in front of her, where he unhooked her bra and his hot breath smoothed on her breasts.

She had been obsessing over his touch and the taste of his lips and his smell. She looked at her phone and thought of calling him again, but she knew what the outcome was, so she re-thought about making that decision.
But fuck it, she was so desperate to hear his voice that she dialed his number, the bell rung for seconds and the voice of a lady came,
Hello Roy“, she acutely said with a flush on her face.
The person you are trying to reach is not answering your call, please try again later“, the voice died.

Myra burst into tears as she flung her phone in the air and it crashed on the bed.

Her tears were drying up in some time when her phone rung again, she immediately looked for her phone in hope for it to be Roy. She immediately forgave him thinking he might be busy in another shoot, or maybe he lost his phone and countless other absurd excuses followed her.
But no, it was not Roy.

Her best friend Shrey called her, “Hey, what’s up.”
Shrey’s voice tensed up when he heard the sobs from the other side of the phone.
Hey are you okay? What happened?
I think I made a huge mistake.
Okay okay. I am coming in 10 mins“, he paused not knowing what to say,
Don’t worry We’ll get everything okay” he assured her.
Shrey heard more sobs and the phone hung up.

To be continued..


6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Desires: Ignorance

  1. The Dreaded desires inspired me to attempt such a thing. I’ve mentioned your blog by name in the ‘The Sea beckons – Teaser’. I’ve just completed a post on it. If possible check it out.

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