The Second Time I See You

Mirror mirror on the wall,
whenever I gaze into you; why do I feel so insecure?
The first time I see you,
I see me,
the whole me
and the second time I see you,
why do you show me the imperfect me?
I look in you,
and see the bags under my eyes,
the spots on my forehead
and my lips so dry.
The concoction of panic, anxiety overcomes,
I don’t look pretty, my thoughts say in unison.
My therapist tells me to not to meet you for a while,
but if the desire provokes,
I may have a look at you.
But, trust me!
I don’t want to see you again, to see the ugly me again.

12 thoughts on “The Second Time I See You

  1. What you wrote doesn’t have anything to do with that other person. They aren’t saying those mean things about you, you are the one doing it. You have to realize you are beautiful and worthy or you will always feel bad. I had this same issue around women that I thought were prettier than me. They didn’t have to say anything I was busy beating myself up because I felt less than. A couple of years ago I was finally able to look at other women and some that I thought were beautiful really weren’t they simply fit a certain mold that made me feel bad. Once I did some healing work on me I was able to feel better and I could even start watching Nicole Curtis on TV and ended up liking her. I wouldn’t have been able to do that before because just the sight of her made me hate myself. That other person is not your enemy. You are your own worst enemy and you should do some meditation to heal so you can finally see the real you and not these flaws you think you have.

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  2. Yes, that’s what this post is about. People look in the mirror and see all their flaws and imperfections, they see other people and do the same again. They keep hurting themselves again and again. It’s an addiction of celebrating a pity party where the joke is on you by you. I’m glad that you shared your experience with self shaming. It takes efforts to finally accept what you did was wrong to your own self, accepting that and moving on is the ultimate step for healing.


  3. It was really hard for me because I have felt inferior most of my life. It was taught to me and I kept the ball rolling. I honestly didn’t think I would ever be able to look at another woman and feel like I was just as good. It honestly wasn’t the goal for me or even a thought that it would be possible. It was simply a side effect from healing. I still have issues but not like I did. I’m far from perfect and I don’t think I will ever be 100% awesome but I try to love me. You need to love you too and even if you had those flaws you need to believe that you still deserve to be loved. People think they need to change then they are worthy of love but the truth is you have to love every part of you, even the parts you think are unlovable. I thought if I was thin and had big boobs and better hair then I would be worthy of love. That isn’t true is it. I’m sure you think that statement is nuts but aren’t you kinda doing the same thing? If you think you have these flaws on your face that you aren’t worthy of love? A person who loves you doesn’t see the things you see.. you have to love you. If you want peace of mind it has to come from you.

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  4. I know right, this is that we are doing with us every now and then. People have been belittling themselves but they have to understand, it’s self love that can heal you and save you from this toxic obsession of shaming you own self.


  5. When you realise that our imperfections are what make us all so perfect and unique, you will be able to accept you and appreciate the real you hiding within. I know first hand… for many years I also felt insecure and inferior. Only recently I have learned that I am worthy and I have so much to offer this big wide world. You will get there too. Dealing with emotions is the first place to start, then learning to accept yourself and believe in what you do. Heal yourself first and love who you are, flaws and all. It is those flaws that tell our story and make us who we are. One day the right person will be drawn to you and love you for the real you. Nobody is perfect and loving our imperfections is genuinely the best therapy you can give yourself.

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