The Dreaded Desires: Beginning of Something..

Beware of the Never-ending desire,
The one that causes pain,
the one that brings shame,
the one with no eyes but touch,
beware of the sinful lust.

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Roy

In the midst of her thoughts, Myra scrolled down the screen to find the address somewhere in Delhi. She was not sure if she was taking the right decision, but she could not just lie down and let the past haunt her inner peace. So she booked a cab from Gurgaon to South Delhi and started to take charge of every decision she was about to take in her life.

Two months ago she never thought she would doubt herself, but Ruhaan left her no option but to overthink everything that went wrong. Myra got dumped exactly two months ago. After all the sleepless nights and smudged mascara she took a step forward and tried moving on, but failed terribly.

In the cab, a trail of events passed her by where she and Ruhaan were in her bed under the satin sheets kissing each other with naked bodies, but further; Myra seeing Ruhaan kissing his best friend in a party.

Her fingers curled up tightly at that thought and she immediately closed her eyes to the moment when she first logged into the dating app her friend told her about. Then, the thought of Roy came to her mind who instantly calmed her down. Roy was then thirty mins away from her. She never met him before, and only had been talking for a week when he asked her to come over for just Netflix and Chill.

She convinced herself that it was just Netflix and no chill, but when she got down from the cab, deep down she knew her aphrodisiacal issues would lead her to some regrets. She could not figure it out why it was happening but she knew there was something going on with her.

Myra stood there in front of Roy’s apartment. A wooden name plate was placed on the front door with his name engraved on it. She was nervous and anxiety was washing all over her, but she gathered all the courage in her veins and rung the doorbell. She was fixing her red dress when the door opened and a guy with shades of golden hair came out.
With all the courage she had, she spoke, “Hello, Roy?”

She could feel his eyes scanning her body like an X-ray machine. His eyes were so intimidating that she could not help but look down at floor. When she tried to look at him again, she could see him looking straight in her eyes as if he was waiting to be with her for so long. He put forth his hand towards her and as she gave him her hand, he pulled her towards and closed the door behind.

She could feel the jitters inside when she entered his house. The lights were tainted yellow and she could feel the light cigarette smoke in the air.
There was only one room which had both kitchen and bed intact. It looked cute with the fairy lights he had on the walls which said ‘Be Real’.

As she scanned the room, Roy went in the kitchen and pour two glasses of wine.
You can sit down”, he said pointing at the bed facing the TV.
Roy came near Myra and handed her a glass of Wine.
“Oh, yeah.” Myra sat on the bedpost facing Roy. She gave him a faint smile.
“You can be comfortable, I do no harm.”, Roy ensured her that he was no serial killer and plan no murder against her.

Roy and Myra talked about life, work and recent memes posted online. After a bottle of Wine, Roy moved from the chair to other side of the bed.
They both were laughing and Myra was Tipsy.
Do you want to dance?“, Roy pulled her hand and played “Let Her Go” by Passenger.
Myra didn’t think of Ruhaan when Roy put his hand on her waist, neither when he turned her around as she laughed and smiled at him simultaneously.

The song ended, but Myra remained in his arms.

To Be Continued..

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