I Think We Should Not Talk Anymore: The 11:11 Talk

I think we should not talk anymore“, were the last words I heard from him.

In continuation of I think we should not talk anymore: The Sparkle

It’s sad isn’t it? When you meet a person you can call home, but somehow you choose the wrong path and walk amidst the loneliest road alone.
You think that you may find your way back home by following the stars, but choose the direction of dark clouds. The universe reflected you in the perfect mirror, but you yourself were stupid enough to close your eyes.

As the clock struck 11, she put her phone along her bedside, waiting for his call. Usually Sivan called her post dinner but it was one hour past she had those Chappatis and Dal and he hadn’t called. This was the third time that week.

Sivan was a simple guy who used to work for himself. He owned a giant studio apartment and his business owned him. At the mere age of 21, Sivan achieved success to an extent that it costed him all his time and energy. He never used drink or smoke, even when he was at a social party, all by himself.

Samara was lying down on her bed reading a book by Collen Hoover. It was about a guy who had unresolved issues and was afraid to love someone again. She just started the book and turned the page 11 when her phone started to ring, she immediately shut the book and grabbed her phone.
Within seconds, a smile lit up her face when she looked at the screen.

Hi Samara!“, Sivan said in a voice she could never forget. His voice was a perfect mix of innocence and shades of shyness.
Sivan was never a people’s person, he had his own world with very few people but he was happy. Whenever he used to feel stuck, Samara held his back and tried her best to be there in his hard times.

Yes“, Samara faked the stern voice, but they both knew how transparent Samara was with Sivan. She could hide no emotion with him, excited, hurt, sad, happy or even disappointing, Sivan knew her every face.

It was just 2 months since they started dating and they both only met twice, but somehow physical presence never mattered to them.

Samara and Sivan were completely infatuated and time was never a constraint.

” I’m sorry I couldn’t call you, It’s going really hard this time,
I have so many orders and I am out of stock. I don’t know how am I going to do the deliveries tomorrow“, he sounded paranoid.
Okay, okay. Sivan?”, she held for a second,
Take a deep breath“.
Sivan took a deep breath and let the tension ooze out by exhaling.

“Now tell me everything”, Samara held the phone tightly to her ear.
“I have to deliver the instruments tomorrow to 10 different clients and I am out of stock. I don’t know what to do.”
Sivan told Samara how Advaita and Indian Ocean were coming day after and how he had 5 meeting lined up and only 6-7 pieces left, Samara was getting used to these episodes. Sivan was so worked up that it got her to worry.
Samara learnt somewhere back in her life that listening and respecting other’s opinions are the foundation of a strong relationship. So, she did what she was tend to do, she put her problems aside and helped him out.

“Well, I don’t know much about the business but I can surely tell you that It’s going to be fine. Trust me, you are doing great and it will settle down soon.”, she assured him.
I am not sure“, Sivan was building the business all by himself. He did everything alone, from packing the instruments to dealing with customers on phone, everything.

Don’t worry. It’s going to be fine.” she paused for a second and then continued, “You should work now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”
Oh, okay. I will text you once I am done“, Sivan anticipated her response.
“Good night Sivan”
“Good night Samara”

It was 11:11 when she hung up.

To be continued..

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