“How We First Met” Series

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Let’s reminisce the time when you first met the one

She was lying down on the grass,
looking at the sky with passing clouds.
She looked at one which looked like the tears from a mother’s eye,
the one of happiness which she shed when her baby first time cried.
Then, next looked like a guy with mustache;
like a Tamil superstar with two guns and cowboy hat.
Next were like her friends, the one who were short and big nerd specs.
And in line were the couples,
hand in hand, eyes locking with eyes,
staring at the naked souls with deep love that cannot be defined.
She drifted to sleep in the cozy cold air,
when she dreamed of the people who taught her love,
compassion and empathy.

This February, let’s celebrate friendship, love and happiness.
I’ll be sharing stories of individuals and the unique way of destiny playing its role in their first meeting.
PS: Don’t forget to tell me about how you first met the one who means the most to you.
Mom and I
Work Friends
Man and Wife
Love At First Sight


‘Why’ Power

How many times has this happened with you, when you want to pursue something, or try to get out of an old habit, temptations circle you around and whispers in your ears, attracts you towards the false habits and delusions?
When you want to achieve great heights, you need to maintain your will power, but I must tell you, will power is limited, while traveling on the road with hard rocks, your energy might drain.
But believe in yourself, get the IF and THEN theory into action, if the temptations cross your way, then make an excuse to them, do not procrastinate about the tasks you need to do.
Remember, will power is driven by the WHY of your life,
why do you want to exercise, because you want to lose weight,
why do you want to read books, to achieve knowledge
why do you want to spend time with your closed ones, because you care about them.
The key is to find the why,
But do not rush into all the things together, do it one by one.
one thing at a time continuously and constantly, make it a habit in sometime, then once it becomes a habit, take another task. This won’t drain you out and you would be able to spend your will bucks smartly.

Detox yourself by knowing yourself, know your why and spend the will bucks smartly.

The Dreaded Desires: Detox

Who says bad episodes shall never be experienced ?
I say, live the bad experiences, for one shall know the importance of life, love and friendship. Remember the sun rises and the morning comes only after the dark night ends.

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Confrontation

The place was warm and sweaty, people were running all together in same pace over the moving belts and big machines, some were lifting weights, others were doing sets of 5 and 10, pulling, pushing, sweating the pain and stress out of their bodies, to keep their minds focused and relieved.
Myra was stretching at the corner, when Shrey came with a shaker in his hand, “Here, have this“, Shrey handed her the protein drink he had in his hand.
Myra took two sips from the shaker and went to the treadmill for her 10 minutes run.
It was long 3 weeks of self love and inner motivation that made both Myra and Shrey leave their dreaded desires: for Shrey his addiction of pot and for Myra her addiction of Roy.
They both forgave themselves for the loss they did to their bodies and minds. But how did this happen?

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The Dreaded Desires: Confrontation

In Continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Lewd Ends

Myra rushed to her dorm room and closed the door abruptly. She stood in front of the mirror and gazed at the reflection which was so horrified that she could not recognize her own self. Dark lipstick, big eyelashes, smudged eyeliner and smeared mascara, she was looking horrible.

She stared at the mirror for more than a moment and started talking to herself. “What have I done to Myself. This is not me. I look like a whore dabbed in powder and color, who has lost her name, her identity.” she took out Shrey’s handkerchief, looked at it and used it to wipe the black tears off her face.

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The Dreaded Desires: Lewd Ends

In continuation of The Dreaded Desires: Desperation
It was a month to that date when Roy asked Myra to be in a no strings attached relationship, or it maybe called a non-relationship. Because it was never a bond, just sensuality occurring.

Initially Myra thought that Roy was cracking a joke, that it was just a role play thing.
Alas! She was naive and didn’t really know what was she entering into when she said yes to Roy in desperation.
The hurt began when the trails of unpicked calls and lonely texts started again. It heightened when Roy only summoned her for a steamy session of making love. She always wanted to know the mystery behind Roy, but he never let her. They never talked but his touch spoke loud, which made her crave him even more.
But the hurt was so high that she wanted to leave him, but she couldn’t. His touch made her go wild, even at night when she drifted to sleep, she dreamed about she and him under the sheets.
There used to be times when all Myra thought about was Roy, his bare chest, his tan skin, his six abs. She could not control her heightened emotions. She used to wait late night for his texts, many times he didn’t reply but when he did, all he asked was for her lewd images. Usually she showed off the gap between her breasts.
After a time she became extremely obsessive with Roy that she started losing her identity, her goals, her aspirations. All she wanted was to please Roy, that was her main agenda then.

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