Hey there Sadness!

Dear Sad Me,

I know things are not going your way, and that it nags the hell out of you. But, Not always can you get what you really want. If you think that life is a bed of roses, then you have been in a delusion my friend. Yes, a big delusion. There is no fairy godmother, or a prince charming for whom you shall wait in a secluded tower of your thoughts.

Life is unfair, please live with it. If you think that whatever is happening to you is fair, then you are a big nincompoop to think that. You life is yours, you are the captain with a steering in your hand. Stop fooling around and get hold of yourself. Pick up the pieces of those shattered memories. I know, you feel the burden, but don’t drop them. They are a part of your life, your sweet precious life.

“It’s okay, everything gonna be fine”, I am not gonna say these freckled phrases. I am going to be truthful.

Yes, the guy you loved left you, and yes, life seems like an end. Yes, you want to unlatch the pain, But, no you should not. You know, my mother always used to tell me, whatever happens, happens for good. And It’s good that you feel this pain. Please feel this pain, cause if you do not, you never would realise your worth and would be a shiny mannequin who people only want to fuck. Be precious baby girl, you deserve so much better. You deserve the stars and the moon, that only you are gonna hurl up.

I know Right now, you are soaked up in your pool of sadness and that it feels warm. But you gotta get out, the little rain that makes roses bloom, may even floods the garden when it heaves.

So, stop heaving, stop feeling like bad things only happen to you.

Yes, the bad happen, but be grateful that you were not victimised by the worst.

Your dearest

Inner self


19 thoughts on “Hey there Sadness!

  1. My dear friend

    Indeed, life is not a bed of roses as our own mind is not just sunshine, but contains day and night. Due to this we leave traces of cause and reactions and live inbetween those reactions from the past to the present (karmic procedures) – so whatever we think is like a mirror: good thoughts return back with good fruits and bad thoughts with bad fruits. The same applies to words and deeds: what we sow we must reap… so we find us in a world of ups and downs – once we understand that life is unbreakable (and not even breakable by the death – as it does not break the chain of cause and effect…), then we are able to accept what life presents us – (good or bad things) as they are the fruit of past lives, past causes, which we have caused ourselves. At the same time, life is our teacher it can make us aware of these things allowing us to be careful with what we think (the root of following words and deeds).

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and words, dear friend 🙂
    Have a great time

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  2. You know what you need, a tight hug and my mom’s home made barfi’s. You know I wrote it when I was not really feeling okay, ’cause things were slipping out of my hands. I know people expect shiny mannequin, but who cares what they thing. You are not here to live for them. You are here to live for yourself and your family. So cheer up.
    Have a great 2019 ahead. ❤️❤️

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  3. I just found your blog. Thank you for the words. You are right, people expect a shiny mannequin, not a flesh and blood person with a flesh and blood heart. As for sadness, I find that the only place to take my pain is counselors and crisis lines, which is fine, because I live in a world of mannequins. It’s not that people don’t want to know – they don’t have time! It makes the situation worse for the person needing love and resolution.

    As for me, I have become adept to just saying “I’m fine.” No one needs to know unless they want to.

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  4. Barfi can probably help get you though the sad time. LOL! Anyway, I thought of a couple of songs, “I never promised you a rose garden,” by Lynn Anderson and”Good Morning Heartache,” by Billie Holiday. Music helps too.

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  5. A therapeutic way of letting out your inner feelings, thanks for sharing with us. I think we all feel hurt, betrayal or grief throughout our lives. Feel the hurt, find closure and move on to better and brighter things. You are worth it!

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  6. Everyone deserves happiness, and that can online happen by accepting the bad things and move on in life. I feel sharing can help reduce my as well as other’s pain as well. Thank you for reading. See you around. ☺️


  7. Life is unfair insofar as you will always need some luck to succeed. I have stopped looking for a person to love, like, that way. I found out I’m a terrible lover. Well, it happens.

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