Judge Crime not Character!

“Oh my god, she removed her clothes.”
“This is what happens to a girl when she wants to have fun”
“She deserved it, westernization fucked her mind”
“Didn’t she think before sending it to her boyfriend?”
“What, he wasn’t her husband?”
“She must be a slut, who else send nudes to someone?”

*Stereotype, Preconceptions, Judgement, Prejudice*

At some point of our life we all must have done it. But do we have the right to exploit a human being, up to an extent that they fear the outer world? We can’t be so cruel. We are not the demons lingering on a pure soul for their life.

What if that happens to you, how would you feel? When those harsh words glide on your mind, like a worm itching you that you get the urge to let go.

The story I’ll be narrating is based on a real life incident or rather I say real life threat, where a pervert with a mask of anonymity threatens a girl on exposing her nudes to the world.


Let’s catch the culprit Source @feministaa.com

Now let me tell you It was her choice, and it’s her choice now. What’s done is done, instead of guesstimating her character, let’s focus on the culprit whose hiding somewhere from his crimes. Judge the crimes not the character.

“It’s you, ain’t you?” I cried on the phone.
How could you do this Sivan? I thought after everything happened we would still be friends” the words were occurring in a loud sob.
You told me you deleted all the pictures I send. But I can see them on my computer screen right away” I looked at my mail box, filled with nudity.

Hey Hey! What happened? What are you talking about“, his voice cracked on the phone. I could sense his nervousness.

Stop acting innocent, I know this bastard is you. Making a fake ID and blackmailing me via some fraud won’t spare you. You can’t hide behind anonymity” I was getting furious with every word I spoke.
I wasn’t hurt, I was angry. I never imagined Sivan being such a brute. Though our relationship was over but he respected me, he loved me.
Calm down Samara, I didn’t do anything. Tell me what happened? What are you talking about?
Conscience and reality were battling in my head, I didn’t know what to say. If it wasn’t him who it would be? Did he share my pictures with someone else?

I got a mail few minute back, it was a guy, threatening me, telling me if I don’t excite him, he will expose my private photos which I sent you” anger fumed within me.
He said he has access to all my social media accounts and has traced down all the pictures I sent.” The more I played those words in my mind, the more angry I became.

I didn’t do it Samara, trust me. I don’t even have those pictures anymore. I deleted all of them. It was all long back, trust me, there is no point of keeping those pictures. I swear.

Trust? Such a funny word it is. If he did such a hideous thing, I would never be able to trust him.
You must have shared my pictures then, do you think I can trust someone now?” my heart was racing so hard with vexation, a volcano was erupting inside my body.
Samara, do you think I’ll do such a thing? Expose my ex- girlfriend’s pictures. I know it’s over and I was angry at you that time but I won’t do it to you. I know what a girl’s dignity means to her

THEN WHO DID?” I screeched on him. I was going insane. That guy might be sitting behind a computer screen, seeing me with his lustful eyes, wanting to have more and laughing. And I couldn’t do anything. But I wouldn’t yield, I am not a coward. He might be thinking that he has the power that he could play with my mind, my body but no. I wouldn’t allow him

It’s okay, we’ll find that debauchee. We’ll go to the police. You didn’t do anything wrong, he did. He deserves to be punished.” Sivan assured me with his life. But that wasn’t enough.

Somebody had to teach him a lesson, he would not escape, it was a dire offense and he would be punished. If I became silent, god know how many girls would be victimised by his dirty mentality. I have to speak up. I have to fight against all odds.

You are right, what I did was with my consent. But this, it’s against my will. He said he would expose me instead I’ll expose him to the world

Later that day, The girl posted the screenshots of the 2 mails she got and to her surprise she got 23,000+ people who liked her post, the 3500+ people who commented and the 4500+ people who shared her post until then, from different parts of the world. She did not realize how her story would touch thousands of people.

You mask yourself behind the screen, you think you’ve got the power.
Your little words become Satan, vandalizing someone’s individuality, shattering someone into pieces.
But you laugh, you smirk behind that mask.
You think you are safe, your anonymity becomes your shield, but someones watching you.

Karma is watching you.

8 thoughts on “Judge Crime not Character!

  1. That girl is really brave. What she did is amazing. We should learn from her. She is a true inspiration. Instead of getting intimidated, she stood up. Though the investigation is still going on, I hope the police catch him soon.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I read this chapter and liked it. Needn’t read the series in order though have read some previous parts. You write well. Why not try wattpad along with this blog. You work once but posting there too might be good idea .Just a suggestion. Keep rocking.

    Liked by 1 person

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