Token Of Love.

Dear Best Friend,


The feelings in this letter are for you, and only you.

So it’s been one long year since we first met. The journey with you has not been less than a roller coaster ride, It has been adventurous, thrilling, exciting, funny, loving and what not.

I always used to think that shaking hands with someone makes you one friend on someone’s friend list, but I was wrong. You made me realize friendship is not just a mere term but it’s meaning is even beyond that. It not one big thing but a million little things.

I know I am crazy and irritate you a lot, still you want to be seen with me in public, whenever I fall you pick me up, we laugh at the dumbest jokes, put up with each others worst mood, you tell me things which I don’t want to tell myself. I am glad to have you, I am glad to choose you as my family.

Thank you for never giving up on our friendship, for never shrugging and being like “Eh, things change, people change” and drifting away vaguely because we’re victims of this eventual life, for taking care of me in every way possible, for being there when no one else was or wanted to be and when you didn’t even have to be.

Everyone has those friends who are close but not really; who you always feel kind of awkward and weird about asking for help and like you have to clarify you’ll do them some kind of favor in return, but you’re not one of those.

You were the one  who believed in me when I was too weak and exhausted to believe in myself. You pushed me, for repeating those affirmations that don’t mean anything in general but mean everything when someone who cares about you says them. You never judged me when I did something really stupid, but also told me that I was an idiot and probably shouldn’t have done the stupid thing. Thank you for always being honest.

I hope you know that this fellow here loves you like crazy and would even take a bullet for you.

Your talks are insane, you know that?  But when you share things with me, tell me those little things which gives you happiness, it makes me wanna believe that you belong with me.

I love you to the moon and back, you are indeed special.

And yeah, I am your ‘Bob’ and you are my ‘Kevin’, “Tulaliloo ti amo!” 😉

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